Secondary Wireless Controls

Secondary Wireless Controls

Secondary Wireless controls allow drivers to operate vehicle functions using a key pad or buttons. Most commonly the pads are attached to the steering wheel along with a steering aid but, can be attached to hand controls or even on a Velcro pad to put on your leg etc We can fit buttons to headrest, arm rest and doors to meet your requirements. Options of functions include; Indicators, Horn, Wipers, Washers, Dip/Main Lights and custom functions.


• indicators
• lights (dip/main & flash)
• horn
• hazards*
• illumination for night-time use

R210 / R213 / R213+lights can operate:

• indicators
• lights (dip/main & flash)
• horn
• hazards*
• front wipers – intermittent, low & high speed
• front washers
• illumination for night-time use

R213 will also operate:
• rear wash & wipe

R213+lights also operates:
• sidelights on/off
• headlights on/off